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Insulation is the key

(September 01, 2013)

So, you're building a new home & you want to ensure you're ongoing electricity bills are low? Make sure you insulate to the correct level! Some builders under insulate in areas they should over insulate & then over insulate in areas that need less insulation. By increasing your ceiling insulation & having less to no cavity wall insulation can be better for your pocket in some orientations & climate zones, but the reverse is better in others! To find out which way is best for your future home & save money for it's ongoing costs when it's built, get us to do the accredited BCA energy efficiency assessment, like we say at Ecorate WA, we're good for your home & your pocket.

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Ecorate WA Energy Assessments

Ecorate WA are available to assess your residential or commercial building and structural plans for energy efficiency and sustainability.

"Plans can be sent electronically in PDF format or as hard copies, these will be stamped and returned with all supporting documentation.