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Low E glass what is it?

(September 20, 2013)

You've been told that you need low E glass to certain windows, why? Low E glass (stands for Low Emissivity) is different to normal clear glass as it has properties that radiate a low level thermal heat energy, what does this mean, basically it reflects heat! This heat reflection is on the outside & the inside, therefore, if you have windows that have a lot of SHG (solar heat gain), which are windows that sunlight is on or if you have a room that you need to continually have to keep warm during winter (keep the heat in), Low E glass will assist in keeping the heat in & the heat out depending on what your requirements are.

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Ecorate WA Energy Assessments

Ecorate WA are available to assess your residential or commercial building and structural plans for energy efficiency and sustainability.

"Plans can be sent electronically in PDF format or as hard copies, these will be stamped and returned with all supporting documentation.